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Title LEPC Estimated Occupied Range (+10 mi buffer)
Abstract The Southern Great Plains Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool (SGP CHAT) is a dynamic online mapping application created by a coalition of states at the request of the Western Governors Association's Wildlife Council to provide information on lesser prairie-chicken (LEPC) habitat (and other species in coming years) to help facilitate responsible development of natural resources. The SGP CHAT encompasses those portions of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas that fall within the historic range of the LEPC. Representatives from each state worked together to acquire the best bio-geo physical data available for the region to model the habitat probability and identify important movement corridors within and between meta populations. This map, and the data contained therein, is for general planning purposes only. Any final decisions should be based on actual field investigation as well as consultation with appropriate agencies and organizations (Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism, New Mexico Game and Fish, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department) as a more thorough review and investigation of variables could impact a proposed project.
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