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Titolo Imagery/AerialImage_DES_BaseMap
Abstract This imagery is derived from NDDOT interim working data and is used to digitize road centerline vector information for the DES Base Map Project. The imagery was collected from November 2009 through November 2013. Image processing was completed in January 2015.The digitized centerlines will be created with a "sub-meter" accuracy. The imagery will be collected during optimum viewing conditions whenever possible, however maximizing flight mission time is also a major priority. Ideal flying conditions would be during spring and fall seasons when tree and foliage cover is reduced, thus optimizing the viewing accuracy of roadway centerlines. Other factors affecting image quality can be sun angle, haze, wind speed, turbulence and cloud cover. The flight missions are also prioritized to capture certain PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) areas ahead of other counties; However once again, weather conditions dictate where and when the flight crew can collect data.Certain image anomalies will be visible within the mosaics. These small warpages were addressed during the digitizing phase by using imagery imported from other stages of the process. It is the intent of NDDOT to eventually address all of these anomalies but at this stage of the project, production speed is a higher priority.Pixel size is approximately 0.9-feet, data is processed to UTM-14, NAD83The Base Map missions are created at a flight height above ground (HAG) of 9,000' (2743.2 meters) which creates imagery with a .90'(27.432 cm) ground sample distance (GSD). The resultant imagery covers a base corridor 12,400' (3779.52 meters) wide.Image collection dates:McHenry County (pilot project): Nov. 20, 24, 27, 30, 2009Block 46096N: 11/6/10-11/7/10Block 46096S: 5/10/12-6/12/12Block 46097N: 11/7/10-9/8/11Block 46097S: 7/11/11-11/9/11Block 46098N: 6/16/10-8/26/10Block 46098S: 6/16/10-8/27/10Block 46099N: 11/12/10-8/24/10Block 46099S: 8/13/10-9/12/10Block 46100N: 11/5/10-5/2/11Block 46100S: 8/13/10-10/4/10Block 46101N: 9/13/10-5/3/11Block 46101S: 6/24/10-8/24/10Block 46102N: 9/7/10-6/13/11Block 46102S: 6/21/10-8/6/10Block 46103N: 8/5/10-9/7/10Block 46103S: 6/9/10-7/16/10Block 47096S: 9/8/11-9/9/11Block 47097N: 11/17/11-8/10/12Block 47097S: 9/15/11-10/21/11Block 47098N: 6/2/10-5/9/13Block 47098S: 7/12/11-9/6/11Block 47099N: 9/8/10-10/5/10Block 47099S: 9/13/10-5/3/11Block 47100N: 10/2/10-8/22/11Block 47100S: 9/8/10-7/25/11Block 47101N: 10/31/11-5/17/12Block 47101S: 8/22/11-5/3/12Block 47102N: 8/13/12-8/30/12Block 47102S: 5/11/12-6/15/12Block 47103N: 8/26/11-11/29/11Block 47103S: 7/30/10-10/4/11Block 48097N: 8/29/12-8/1/13Block 48097S: 11/17/11-7/29/13Block 48098N: 7/27/12-8/1/13Block 48098S: 6/2/10-7/29/13Block 48099N: 6/14/10-11/13/13Block 48099S: 7/26/10-7/19/13Block 48100N: 6/14/10-6/19/13Block 48100S: 11/20/09-11/30/09, 6/14/10-7/26/10Block 48101N: 8/2/12-6/11/13Block 48101S: 8/2/12-8/17/12Block 48102N: 7/21/10-11/4/11Block 48102S: 9/14/12-11/17/12Block 48103N: 7/29/10-4/25/11Block 48103S: 9/27/11-5/9/12
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