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Abstract DeLorme’s basemap is designed to be used by GIS technicians and other mapping professionals, across a variety of industries. The DeLorme World Basemap is a seamless global data set with horizontal accuracy of +/- 50 meters. The map accurately portrays major transportation layers, inland and shoreline hydrography, agreed and disputed jurisdiction boundaries, and major geographic features. The map provides coverage for the world down to a scale of approximately 1:144k. In designing the map, DeLorme applied a rich cartographic look and feel to create a seamless view of the world, combining accurate object placement and projection with a compelling topographic visualization of the Earth. For more information on this map, including our terms of use, visit us online at http://goto.arcgisonline.com/maps/Specialty/DeLorme_World_Base_Map
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  • Abstract: DeLorme’s basemap is designed to be used by GIS technicians ...
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